Yumi Okita: Butterflies Sculptures

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His Dark Materials art by Zuzanna Celej

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Wonder Woman by Adam Hughes.


How Ink is Made

(I left out a couple parts for clarity, where towards the end they add wax and fillers, though please watch the video. It’s beautifully shot and goes into more detail,..)

(plus it has epic orchestral music in the background which makes any learning experience more badass).

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The artist Anne Herlihy (on the right) shows her tarot card series of etchings to a fellow artist in the etching open workshop on Fridays. 

Pictured is The Hierophant from Anne’s ongoing series.



JANSSEN, HORST Hamburg 1929 - 1995 Hanno’s Death. 1973. Portfolio with 23 etchings (with an old title) on different papers

Really lovely etchings!

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Abby in the rain.


Friction AP - wood block print.


This gif is comprised of the pages of a lithograph color separation proof book from the Louis Prang papers (Prang was one of the premier lithographers in Boston in the 19th century). This particular lithographic print is made out of 18 different color plates - the pages on the left show the individual plates and the pages on the right show how the print looks after each color is added. With apologies to houghtonlib for biting their style, but this was an excellent idea!
For more on the process of chromolithography, and this proof book in particular, see this blog post.
Color separation proof book, circa 1890. Louis Prang papers, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

My name is Katie Powell, I have a BFA in printmaking from Western Washington University.  My Tumblr is a bit of a letter to my grandmas, who still I refuse to “friend” on facebook, so they can still easily see what I make.
this is a fox.

Anish Kapoor. Untitled 08 from History, 2007, etching

April 2014, Kathmandu, Nepal
Boudah Stupa, draped with prayer flags, in the early morning.

His Dark Materials: Lyra Belacqua, by Rory Phillips